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At State of Funk ™, we design apparel inspired by culture and fueled by creativity! We are a small business apparel brand based in the Queen City - Charlotte, NC, USA. 

Our shirts are printed in the U.S. and we use high quality, water-based inks that soak into the fabric. This helps the shirt maintain its original lightweight soft feel and durability while preventing the cracking and wear seen by traditional screen print methods.



A lil history

In the mid 1960s, African Americans created funk – a new innovative genre of music that derived from combining gospel, jazz and blues. 

Funk was more than just a style of music, it was a feeling, an attitude and an expression. It allowed artists to break outside the mold, be original and stand out.


Funk we danced, how we talked, how we loved and how we dressed. It promoted unity and was quick to become a cultural movement. Culture can be defined as many things: music, art, dance, style, and language just to name a few. Well, funk influenced all of these and more.

Starting this company was a personal project rooted in my passion for design & my appreciation for the values and attitudes reflected during the Funk Music era. I wanted to create designs that allowed me to express myself, like many artists did during that time.


The Artist

My name is Renee and I’m a graphic designer. My mother is from Trinidad, and my father was born in St. Kitts, but raised in England. I’m Canadian-born and now live in the United States. Having so many cultural influences is one of the things that inspired me to begin this journey, to design with a purpose. That purpose being, that through clothing one can encourage originality, self-love and confidence.

Your clothes can be a reflection of your personality, thoughts or beliefs and can even give insight to who you are as an individual. Especially graphic t-shirts, which provide a way for you to express yourself, through words and art. But, the problem was that there were very few creative ones out there that spoke to me.

So, I decided to create them.

I wrote my mission down on a post-it note, and the rest is history...

"I want to create bold, positive designs that are inspired by culture and encourage people to be themselves."


Behind the scenes

Each design starts with story. The concept is then sketched out, photographed or sometimes painted. Then is brought to life through the use of graphic design and an amazing print team.